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 Totoro Suite

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2 Cats




3 Cats




4 Cats




 *All individual suites at Thomson Outlet can join together to form a bigger suite. For Family who has 4 cats and above, please contact us directly for pricing.


Features & Services:

  • Daily cleaning and feeding service (2 times per day)
  • 100% natural Soya cat litter is provided during staycation
  • Private litter box, food bowls, water bowls are provided
  • 15-20 minutes private cuddling and playing time (2 times per day). 100% No mixing with other client's cats
  • Complimentary Media updates via Facebook once every 2 days. Optional: Top up $5 per day for additional media updates.
  • 24/7 fan. Optional: Air-condition will be on in the day time.



  • Unfortunately, we do not accept sick guests. All guests must be healthy upon check in time. We have the right to reject sick guests upon check in time without any compensation or refund.
  • Guests who are less than 1 year old and do not have valid vaccination shall be remain in their suite at all time during their staycation at Yumiki. 
  • All check-in guests are not required to be neutered or sterilized. However, for guests who are not neutered or sterilized, they shall stay in their suite at all time during their staycation at Yumiki.
  • All check-in guests are required to apply Front Line Anti flea upon check in. This will be charged $10 per kitty (one time charge)
  • All check-in guests must be litter box trained. Guests shall be moved to Marie Cage without any compensation/refund if they pee or poo outside of the provided litter box.
  • Guests shall stay in their own suite until they are able to use the provided litter box.


Check in/out time: (by appointment only)

Between 10am to 12pm (Monday to Friday, except public holidays, Christmas Eve, and New Year Eve) 

Between 9.30am- 12.30pm (Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Christmas Eve, New Year Eve)

*We can make special arrangement for cat owners who cannot check in/out their kitties at the above time frame. However, for odd check in/out time, cat owners shall not enter our boarding area at all cost.



Very cozy and well-designed enclosed cabin. Each Marie Cabin has 3 separated areas: sleeping/resting area, dining area and "business" area. It is built-in with a scratching pole. Maximum capacity: 1 adult cat or 2 kittens. The kittens must not be more than 6 months old.



Garfield suites at Thomson outlet are well furnished with jumping platforms, 1 wall-mounting food storage box and other cat necessaries.  Each Garfield suite is suitable for a family which has up to 3 kitties. Maximum capacity: 2 adult cats + 1 kitten from the same family (the kitten must not be more than 6 months old).




Totoro suite at Thomson outlet is well furnished with jumping platforms, 1wooden cat condo, 2 wall-mounting food storage boxes and other cat necessaries.  It is suitable for family which has up to 4 kitties. Maxium capacity: 3 adult cats + 1 kitten from the same family (the kitten must not be more than 6 months old)