Boarding Guides

1. Our Requirements

  • Full payment is required to reserve for slot. 50% deposit shall be refunded if cancel  before boarding day by 24 hours, else 0% shall be refunded
  • Check-in time: By appointment only and between 12pm-2pm (Monday-Sunday, include public holidays).
  • If you wish to check your cats in earlier (from 10am) or later than 2pm and before 6pm), please inform us in advance to arrange. We shall accept you to drop in your cats at our place, however, you shall not enter our boarding area, and there will be a surcharge of $30 for early check in.
  • Please be on-time for check-in. If you are not present within 15 minutes of your expected arrival, you may still drop in your cats at our place; however, you shall not enter the boarding area with your cats. We reserve the right to reject your cats without any compensation or refund if you are not present by 2pm (unless special check in arrangement has been made with us in advance).

  • Check-out time: By Appointment only and between 10am-11.45am (Monday-Sunday, include public holidays)
  • If you wish to check out your cats after 11.45am and before 2pm, there will be an additional charge of 1 night boarding cost. If you wish to check out your cats after 2pm and before 6pm, there will be charge of 1 more night boarding cost plus $30 surcharge. In such events, please kindly inform us in advance.

  • Cats that are not checking out before 6pm (without special arrangement), will be placed back into the available cabin/suite, and there will be a surcharge of $30 +additional boarding cost of the available cabin/suite.

  • Any Cats left uncollected without prior notice for 48 hours before check-out will be deemed abandoned.

  • We do not accept sick cats or  FIV or FeLV positive cats to board at Yumiki. All Boarding Cats must be healthy upon check in time. If your cat has just recovered from an illness, please provide a written note from a licensed veterinarian declaring the cat to be free of infection.

  • Cats above 10 months old must be Sterilized/Spayed.

  • All Boarding Cats must be clean upon check-in time (eyes, ears and coat are not dirty, nails must be clipped), unless they are opted to be groomed at Yumiki. Our basic grooming cost are $60 (short fur) and $70 (long fur)
  • In the event that your cats do not fit our boarding requirements, we reserve the rights to reject your cats without any compensation or refund. We reserve the right:
    • To engage a transportation partner to send your cats back to you at your expense
    • To groom your cats at your expense.
    • To send your cats to the nearest veterinarian to administer consultation, and subsequently treatment of your cat at your expense. There will be a surcharge of $60 per cat per trip to be charged in such an event.
  • For Boarding Cats below 10 months old that are not sterilized, or Cats below 1 year old that have not completed their vaccinations, or aggressive cats,  they shall not allowed to roam in the main area at all time during their staycation.
  • All Boarding Cats must be litter box trained. If Boarding Cats pee/poo repeatedly outside the provided litter box, they shall be moved from Garfield Suite/Totoro Suite to cabin without any compensation/refund; and if they are originally from cabin we shall charge additional $5 per day for such behavior.
  • All Boarding Cats shall stay in their own cabin/suite until they are settled down and able to use the provided litter box.
  • All Boarding Cats are required to apply Front Line Anti Flea upon check-in.  This is compulsory. We do not accept any other products from any other source unless your cats are certified by the vet that they are allergic to Front Line Anti Flea, in such event, you shall apply the anti-flea medication that recommended by your vet.
  • If your cats fall ill during their stay at Yumiki, they will be taken to the nearest veterinarian on duty at the soonest available time, unless you agree that Yumiki shall not take any action or held any liability as your cats had prior underlying health condition. There will be a surcharge of $60 per cat per vet trip to be charged in such an event (this exclude any veterinary expenses incurred)

2. Acceptance of Boarding Risks:

  • At Yumiki, we are doing our best to provide the cleanest, most affordable, comfortable and clean environment to our boarding guests. However, this is beyond our ability to guarantee that our place is 100% free from bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites, please do understand and accept these risks when come to board your cats with us. In engaging our services, you are agree to release Yumiki from all liability for any loss, expense or equivalent, that you may suffer or bear as a result of any happening at our premise, during your cats' staycation with us.
  • Your cats may or may not be allowed to roam in the main area during their staycation with us depending on their behaviors, preference and/or any pre-existing health conditions. 
  • In any event that you do not wish your cats to use the main area daily (as this is the common area which each cat family take turn to use), please kindly inform us


3. What To Bring for your Cats?

  • Your Cats' Food and treats.There will be a charge of $3 per day per cat if you opt Yumiki to provide food for your cats. However, we definitely recommend you to bring your own Cat Food and treats as sudden change of your cats' diet may cause diarrhea, vomiting or any other health issues to your cats. Please take note, we do not accept home-cooked food and raw diet. Please pack your cat food in a small containers, or zip lock bags (total dimensions must be smaller than 25x25x25cm). 
  • A towel or a small blanket, or one your shirt 
  • A small favourite toy of your  cats (Optional)
  • A brush if your cats especially love to get brushed (Optional)
  • A pet carrier layered with pee pads